The Red Hat Connect Partner Experience

Red Hat is considering to build a new type of industry event with our partner interest, needs and desires in mind. Learning some basics from you will be a great chance for us to get some early feedback and design the process to build the event. This is your chance to work with Red Hat to build the type of industry event that your company can use to advance your product technologies and create a competitive differentiator for your company in existing and new markets.



The first 100 partners to complete the brief questionnaire will receive a $25 Amazon shopping card. 

All partners who complete the questionnaire will be entered into the drawing to win a $500 Amazon shopping card.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners launched in March 2015, and since then we have added over 4,000 companies with tens of thousands of products, services and technologies aligning with Red Hat’s growing cloud platform.  

As part of our work to educate, support and enable companies who build software, hardware, cloud and service-based solutions – we are making new investments in our teams, digital properties, tooling and content to better service the needs of organizations like yours who are partnering with Red Hat: the industry’s open source leader.

As part of this investment Red Hat is considering creating a new event to support Technology Partners as you build your products and businesses with Red Hat products and technologies.  The purpose of this technology partner-centric event is the following:

  • – Establish an annual forum for making and growing the right connections between members of the Connect partner ecosystem and the technical and business teams at Red Hat.


  • – Create an efficient communication channel directly with our partners to listen, learn and grow ideas together, as well as an opportunity improve overall communications.


  • – Provide an annual roadmap of the Red Hat Product Portfolio  – demonstrate the power of the platform, learn about key releases, features and programs supporting our products, and see how customers (and other partners) are using Red Hat products to solve real business problems.


  • – Teach our partners how to leverage all of the Red Hat technologies, as well as our business and marketing capabilities to help generate customer success with your solutions. 


  • – Clearly demonstrate what partner alignment with Red Hat looks like and how it benefits out technology partners.


  • – Provide hands on technical and business tutorials and breakouts which will help to launch partner and customer focused campaigns such as product certification, selling emerging technologies and joint GTM engagements.


  • – It’s important to note that we are thinking about an ecosystem approach for this event, to ensure that our participating partners are meeting other like-minded companies and are being introduced to new distribution and services partners we are encouraging cross-pollination of a variety of company types including software, cloud, hardware, services and integrators as well as some important Red Hat customers.  

    We are counting on our partners to help us create this event so that it will deliver the most value for attending partners.
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